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Native Hope -
Two forbidden lovers battle cultural taboos, the control of their gods and their warring tribes to preserve their love, the seed of a powerful Fijian dynasty.
Native Hope is a historical novel of Fiji, a beautiful group of islands in the South Pacific, that's full of personal drama, intriguing cultural practices and legends. Native Hope illustrates the resiliency of the human spirit, despite dangers of human extinction by floods, sea travel, deadly cultural norms and taboos and the insatiable desire for the consumption of human flesh.

Tony is an African-American high school student and stand-out high school football player on track to participate in college football and, possibly, the NFL. Tony and his older brother learned the social dynamics of surviving on the inner city streets , while fostering their love for football. Then, when his brother and best friend went away to college on a football scholarship, Tony finds himself alone. He falls into a deep, life threatening depression when faced with the fact that he is illiterate ; he may never graduate from high school and realize his dream of a career in the NFL. Follow Tony's plight from utter despair to a life full of hope and personal victories when he asks a Science teacher to teach him to read. God challenges the teacher to choose: Tony's life or her career. She chooses Tony's life and many miraculous occurrences intercede in Tony's life to pave the way to his victory!
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